Frequently Asked Questions

How do I attach The Turkey Reaper to my Gun/Bow?

  1. Loosen bolt on side of mount (A) to allow the jaws to fit around your gun or bow.
  2. Tighten the bolt with the supplied allen wrench so it will not move.

How do I attach the included Fan?

  1. Place the fan (C) between the head (B) and the adjustable fan press (D) and align the bolt holes to allow the bolts to slide through all pieces.
  2. Place the thumb screws onto the back of the bolts and with the fan spread in the desired location and hand tighten

Attaching The Turkey Reaper Fan to the mount

  1. Choose the desired height of the fan press and align the hole with the hole in the mounting rod (E).
  2. Use supplied bolt and slide through the un-threaded hole in the mounting rod then through the fan press and into the threaded hole on the mounting rod and tighten.

Adjusting The Turkey Reaper for Bow use

  1. Depending on the bow the mount can be place in any location on the stabilizer.  Align the turkey reaper mount to be one the side of the weapon that will cover most of your body when you have the bow at full draw.
  2. Align the desired shooting window in the fan to allow clearance of your arrow and sights.
  3. Tighten all bolts to make sure the turkey reaper stays in position.